About Us

Since our acquisition in 2016 by Exclusive Service Group we have continued to grow and remained one of the regions recognised leading cleaning organisations. Our specialist services division has continued to go from strength to strength to meet our clients ever changing needs. This solution ensures we can remain your one stop service provider



Brayborne was founded in 1984 and has grown an enviable reputation for customer service and industry sectors specialism, as well as benefiting from its experience and relationship in retaining a great many long-term clients, this is now further strengthened from the support of a group approach since its acquisition with The Exclusive Services Group in 2016.

Our Aims

Brayborne understands the service requirements and has great experience within the budgetary requirements of your sector. Our approach is to work with you in partnership to design a package to fit your requirement and needs as appropriate. We are consistent primary adaptors of innovation smarter solutions, that allow us to stay ahead of the field in relation to technology as part of our service. Our business also demands environmentally friendly products and a commitment to sustainability. This is a culture ingrained in our culture


Our experienced management teams and skilled workers are highly adept and flexible at firstly predicting, working with and reacting to client needs and demands for top level services, no matter the nature of their businesses and changing requirements. Our passion to try to constantly be ahead of the needs market drives our expertise. Flexibility is our byword and on a daily basis it is demonstrated by our team who are obliquely core to the successful fulfilment of our contracts.



We are a service based company and one which still believes that the “client comes first”. It is this belief that drives us to develop, change where required and acquire specialist skills and services to suit their culture, markets and in doing so expand our expertise. We need to fully comprehend their unique market niche to respond flexibly to each and every one of the demands upon their businesses. Then we innovate, gear and adapt our services continually to the levels needed to meet their flexible business requirements.