We offer highly specialised cleaning and sanitisation service in a high risk area as we recognise cleanliness is crucial to the efficient operation of your business.
Every UK ventilation system must be classified as high, medium or low, in accordance with The Building & Engineering Services Association’s TR/19 Guide to Good Practice. This determines the intervals at which ventilation ductwork must be cleaned. We provide cost effective, fully certified professional cleaning which complies fully with TR/19. Keeping your property compliant on legionella control, ductwork cleaning and vital fire safety cleaning is essential. Not only does it make for a cleaner, healthier building, it also helps to protect you from prosecution for negligence and safeguards your buildings insurance.
Jet washing is a very effective process when cleaning building fascias, driveways and patio/entrance areas.
With PCs used by all companies and operated by so many personnel, it’s essential that a regular cleaning routine is in place. Brayborne offers a diminishing per unit cost based on the total number of PCs, which includes cleaning monitors, processors, keyboards and mice. Data Centres and computer room IT equipment cleaning is an area Brayborne specialise in. With the possibility of contamination from the build up of dust, heat and static electricity, we can help your IT installation maintain a cool environment and relieve the stress that can cause hardware failure. Unscheduled downtime is therefore minimised and disruption avoided by simply establishing a regular cleaning maintenance programme.
Our specialist team uses dedicated solutions to ensure the tread, risers and uprights of your escalators are cleaned and clear of the grit and debris that can undermine their working lives. The team will ensure your escalators leave a lasting impression.
We have specialist knowledge in large kitchen and food prep area in educational and commercial establishments. We follow a specialised method to ensure every piece of equipment and surface is thoroughly cleaned to your satisfaction.
From window cleaning to fascias and signage, our specialist team are fully equipped to meet all your needs. Following a site survey we evaluate the safest, most cost effective method of achieving the desired result.
Carpet cleaning is also a mark of our expertise, vastly prolonging the life of client’s carpets, with some looking like new for over 15 years. This is all down to our maintenance programme, whereby parts of the carpet are cleaned on rotation while stains in other areas are taken care of as they are seen. No stain has the opportunity to build up and the entire carpet gets an agreed number of cleans per year. This programme, combined with the Texatherm® cleaning system, ensures the longest life possible from your investment. Do your carpets need cleaning, or is stain removal your concern? Look no further. Brayborne use one of the most advanced systems on the market – its flexibility allows a wide range of carpet cleaning methods whilst its versatility is a key advantage when it comes to stubborn stain removal. This versatile all round carpet cleaning system is Texatherm® EMV201. We can adapt it specifically to each cleaning task – industrial or residential carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stubborn stain removal, etc. So, we can be sure we always have the right tools for the job.
We have significant expertise in working within your external demise on tasks such as graffiti and chewing gum removal, high-level cleaning, high-level window cleaning, snow clearance and road gritting.
We offer deep cleans and maintenance programmes, from our experience we can ensure the longest life possible from your investment.



We pride ourselves on being an innovative service provider, by re-engineering and challenging accepted practices to achieve total customer satisfaction. As a market leader, we’re constantly developing new innovative solutions to offer our clients.