Disinfection Control

Keeping our teams and your colleagues safe is our number one priority.


"I also want to take the opportunity to express my thanks for the supervision and support Laura and Tyler have afforded us recently. The pandemic has been a rapidly changing beast over the last few months and they have worked very hard to accommodate our requests and overall the feedback from staff (including the Chief Executive) has been very complementary of the cleaning on site.."

Dave Smart | Facilities, Health and Safety Manager | Winchester City Council Asset Management

Our Process


We have a full suite of established processes, protocols and criteria in relation to the Covid19 disinfection control. Our on-site teams have the correct level training and health & safety support to deliver the level of pandemic deep cleaning required.

Where circumstances demand an increased level of requirement risk or urgency, we have the added advantage of being able to call upon members of our own specialist services division who have the necessary experience to manage these situations.

Deep Cleaning

Whether through our onsite team or through specialist services division all of whom are directly employed, we are able to successfully deliver all levels of sanitisation and deep cleaning requirements.

Throughout the pandemic we have successfully supported our clients within all organisations whether they remained open or had to close, our bespoke approach to minimising risk was designed in conjunction with our clients.