Our Responsibilities

Health & Welfare

Environment & Sustainability

Community & Charity

A Priority

Our customers, employees and stakeholders all agree that the priority of health and safety is primary and vital. We are fully committed to ensuring our activities do not harm or cause ill-health to anyone and that every one of our staff is kept safe during the working day.


Health and safety awareness is a critical part of our induction process and training is provided on an ongoing basis throughout an individual's career with Exclusive. It is a statement of intent that a member of the senior management team takes direct responsibility for ensuring that Health & safety is constantly monitored and that reduction in the Accident Frequency rate is part of our internal targets. In addition any RIDDOR accidents are investigated by the Director responsible and all actions are subsequently closed off by the Managing Director. Working safely is a mindset and a simple message for all our employees. It sums up our absolute commitment to safety and to engaging the entire Exclusive team in maintaining and improving safety standards in the workplace.

Global & Local

Exclusive Contract Services acknowledge the need to protect the global and local environment and commit to the following statements:
  • To operate and continuously plan our business in a manner that is sensitive to the needs and concerns of people and their surrounding environment.
  • To guarantee compliance with environmental legislation and regulations and apply best practice and beneficial innovations where legislation does not exist.
  • To integrate environmental issues into our policy and decision making, recognising that business concerns might affect the course of action.
  • To minimise our environmental impact, control our waste, prevent pollution and use resources efficiently in keeping with our concern for the natural environment.
  • To continually look for ways to improve our business and reduce our environmental impact both internally and externally.
  • To educate and train our employees in environmental awareness in keeping with our Environmental Management System.
  • To set and strive to achieve our environmental objectives and targets which are reviewed annually and to create a framework for continual environmental improvement.

Decision Making

Our environmental policy is underpinned by our Environmental Management System. As an example we are currently working extremely hard with our approach to fleet management. All vans are replaced after 3 years from new to ensure the latest most efficient and low emission engines are being used. The latest vans are both low emission Euro diesel 6, with a constant replacement plan. Whilst we are achieving a good mpg ration 45 our vans will now complete up to 62mpg. We are also investing in the latest newest technology, the vans have:
  • Smart navigation to outline the most efficient journey planning.
  • Trackers to not only monitor journeys but also actual speed, mileage and time per site in order to reduce non required journeys.
  • Fuel cards with mileage captivation to show mpg.
  • The production of a planned visit schedule of sites that will be based on contractual requirements and trends to reduce journeys and carbon miles.
  • We will clearly work with complete adherence to correct manufacturer service intervals to maintain efficiency together with premium tyres replacement programme for optimum rolling resistance, noise and safety.

Caring for our clients

Exclusive make sure that we have the right processes and systems in place to nurture relationships with our clients and add the most value possible. This builds better, longer lasting partnerships, and delivers what our customers want. Because of this we are consistently developing and changing to meet the needs of a sustainable business. We are committed to looking after our clients proactively. We recognise that our clients' needs are constantly changing and we want to work in partnership with them to support and help in these changes and to build relationships that stand the test and challenge of time. At Exclusive we believe in supporting our clients in their drive to be more cost and energy efficient and it is clear that we have a duty and can do this by improving the sustainable products that we use and the services that we provide.

Operational Improvements

It is important that all our employees and our suppliers understand that we must maximise our productivity and output so that we can provide customers with a value for money service. It is equally important for us to promote sustainable business practices amongst ourselves and our suppliers to deliver a sustainable business partnership, and in doing so achieve a greater benefit and level of success for both our clients and staff in the manner in which we operate. This means that it is vital for us to train and educate our employees in our changing approach to the environmental requirements and to work closely with our suppliers in order that all understand of our goals.

British Lung Foundation

What is PLF? It is a scarring of the lungs. It kills 190,000 people in the UK and is rising every year, it kills 5 Million people worldwide. This disease has no cause and more alarmingly, no cure. It is a scarring of the lungs. It kills 190,000 people in the UK and is rising every year, it kills 5 Million people worldwide. This disease has no cause and more alarmingly, no cure. Lung Fibrosis is extremely debilitating as the oxygen levels drop immediately any physical task is undertaken. As healthy individuals, we have blood oxygen levels at close to 100%, someone with Lung Fibrosis will be down to 60%. Doctors and Professors have been getting increasingly concerned with trying to find the both cause and a cure as this is now a major health issue. Exclusive Contract Services has become a partner of the British Lung Foundation to raise funds for research into Pulmonary Lung Fibrosis. We will honour the memory of our founder and avidly support and raise money for the British Lung Foundation, to forward research and to give sufferers a better chance. In 2013 Amanda Evans, our Business Development Director and daughter of our founder ran the London Marathon raising several thousands of pounds on behalf of the BLF.

China Challenge

In our first team endeavour we have completed the China Challenge. A team from Exclusive along with client colleagues travelled to Beijing, China to complete a triple challenge which consisted of 2 Half Marathons, 155km Cycle ride and 2 days of trekking in and around the Great Wall of China. The team returned from China extremely victorious, not only did they complete the challenge they also raised a fantastic £71,521 for The British Lung Foundation.