Corporate HQ

Hygiene within your corporate HQ is a primary reflection of your brand, today we see our role as assisting you in elevating the confidence and wellbeing of your staff in returning to the work place.


Customer Experience

“We have used Brayborne for over 15 years and as part of a large USA based company have to quantify and re-tender every 18 months to meet US legislative requirements. On each process we have found that Brayborne have offered the best value for money. I always find that quotes for additional works are reasonably priced and have not experienced any sudden price hikes. We find them to be very cost conscious and customer focused. Timeliness of service delivery is absolutely first class. They always deliver the required service and we hold regular audits and two way discussion to ensure we are offering our team the best service possible. Quality of service delivery is very good. Regular cleaning audits are carried out to ensure a consistent quality of service is being offered across the entire site. If an issue or problem is encountered, it is always rectified very swiftly..”

Lee Glyde, Manager, Corporate Services



In consistently seeking to work smarter we introduce innovation as a way of driving best value solutions in a transparent manner, with proven result that today our corporate clients benefit from sustainable technology led advancement.

Other services



We work closely with schools, colleges and universities within private and state sector, we understand the nuances of education, term time, holiday periodics and the enhanced safeguarding requirements.

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Higher Education

We are well versed in adapting our working model to accommodate ever changing demands of higher education timetables.

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Local Authority

Brayborne are extremely experienced in delivering a full range of services across the full portfolio of local authority assets ranging from educational to Civic centres.

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