Boehringer Ingelheim

Working in Partnership since 2011

The Client

Brayborne have been working with Boehringer since 2011 when we were awarded the contract for cleaning services. Brayborne have continually worked in partnership with Boehringer and had added value to the contract by adding several additional service provisions to the contract. The latest being the waste contract.

The Process

This contract is managed by Sharon Mylum who is based at our Wokingham office. Sharon manages the day to day operations of this contract and liaises directly with the client. In addition to Sharon there is a dedicated
non-working site supervisor who manages the daily cleaning activities on site.

Sharon attends a monthly minuted meeting with the client where all aspects of the contract are discussed. During this meeting the quality audits will be reviewed.

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Services Offered

  • Daily Office Cleaning
  • Housekeeping Service
  • Full –Time Handyman
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning – Kitchen
  • Kitchen Duct Cleaning
  • Personal Hygiene Services
  • Dust Control Mats
  • Supply of Consumable Products
  • Waste Services

"Brayborne not only provide an excellent, cost-effective cleaning service, they helped us rationalise suppliers and reduce costs by providing us with a wide range of additional services."

Head of General Services | Boehringer Ingelheim